Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Communitarianism: In Transition to Collectivist Values - Part 1

The Christian inherently knows he is an individual.

Different cultures have different values and goals. In the U.S., we have been taught to believe that we are special. This all stems from living in a country that once cherished Christianity, and the Holy Spirit causing the born again believer to think of himself as an "individual"(Luke 12:7). I'm coming from the viewpoint that we are all unique in God's eyes. Once we are born again, we are different - we are each individuals crafted by the Lord's Hands.

Sadly, since Christianity is on the decline, we now consider America as being post-Christian, and with that brings change. Whether you believe America got its individualism from Christianity, free enterprise, individual rights, or some other means, change is in the air.

Through circumstances being manufactured by our government that concern our public safety, we are being asked to view ourselves as a group - a part of the collective. Through censorship and new laws that help us be safer, we draw our attention away from the individual to consider the greater good.

It is fundamental that you understand the difference between individualism and collectivism, so you will see how this figures into our future. Allow this YouTube video to explain.


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In the next part, you will learn how members of a society earn their rights, and how the individuals rights have been protected by the Declaration of Independence.

Part 1

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The opposite of individualism is collectivism. The degree to which individuals are integrated into groups, is proportionate to the interdependence of every human being. [3] Collectivism stresses the priority of group goals over individual goals and the importance of cohesion within social groups. [4] So you will find that collectivism and individualism is intrinsically woven through our philosophic, political, religious, economic, and social views.

Rabbit Trail
Allow me to veer off the subject to make this point. A small scale example of collectivism is the way new recruits of the military are taught to interact in Basic Training/Boot Camp, and how the team goals will be the greater good. If one recruit shows that he still wants to act as an individual, he is broken and remolded to become part of the group.

This emphasis on teamwork was heavily promoted in the Air Force during the mid-1980s with Total Quality Management. The purpose was to bring quality to the product and performance of the team, but there is an inherent danger of TQM. It also intended to produce quality humans that fit the changing global standards for beliefs, attitudes, compliance and group thinking.[5] This philosophy of management was brought to us by Peter Drucker - the mastermind of the Purpose Driven church.

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The main point in this video conveys that a Republic supports individualism, whereas a Democracy supports the collectivism.

Part 2

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Will our future be by way of freedom or coercion?

Part 3

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In this section, you will begin to see how social engineers have interfered in the affairs of men in order to bring about the world government - the perfect society. The narrator shows you how our country has been set up, at least since the Great Depression, to be unequal.

Part 4

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This last part will teach you that both sides of the political differences between the Left Wing and the Right Wing are essentially the same. The Left Wing (who unknowingly support Communism and Socialism) are the same as the Right Wing (who unknowingly support the Fourth Reich and Fascism). Communism and Nazism both embrace Socialism and totalitarianism. See what each group uses to reach their objectives, and how it all appears on the political spectrum. This will be an eye-opener for some of you.

Part 5

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In part 2 , you will see how the foundational mechanism for collectivism is already being set into place.