Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Communitarians: Saving the Local Farms

What seems like a grassroots movement is actually being engineered. The local food movement is the biggest modern retail food trend to occur for decades, and it is being brought to us on purpose.

We are being told that the "locavore" movement grew out of consumer concerns about how and where food is produced, following episodes of contamination in spinach, meat and other foods. People committed to purchase locally produced foods to support farmers, because the food is fresher and to reduce the environmental effect of trucking it across country [1] - not to mention the GMO factor. But what folks don't realize is that it is all part of an elaborate communitarian plan to help create a collective mindset, interdependence, and new way of life. The elite planners have had this under their hats for a while.


Does this mean that locally grown foods are a bad thing? Not at all! What I am saying is that this is only the beginning of the elitists twisted plan. By the year 2020, 20% of our foods will be locally grown, then 50% by the year 2050.[2] But what about those areas that don't have farms? Rural areas will be converted to farm lands to serve the cities.

Have you noticed the bad rap the Monsanto Corporation has gotten for trying to poison the population with GMOs, and for killing the bees with pesticides? It may explain why there have been U.S. Government positions on the Board of Directors at Monsanto Corporation, how Monsanto's Michael Taylor has gotten to be Food Czar, and why all warnings have been ignored to eliminate GMOs. This has all been well publicized because they wanted this huge locally grown movement to occur. It is the communitarians method of creating food justice.


So if anyone says that local farming is more about creating an anonymous oasis in the context of a globalized food system - they are joshing you. Futurists have had it in mind all along.