Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Independence USA: A Communitarian Utopia

One of Glenn Beck's favorite things to do is talk out of both sides of his mouth. It's only been a short time since he released his fictional book Agenda 21, which is a political horror story describing the implementation of Agenda 21 to an extreme end. I guess he thinks he's doing everyone a service by creating a Communitarian alternative. The thing is, Agenda 21 and Beck's Communitarian city are one in the same.

Beck recently introduced his newest project, a sustainable city (my words), called Independence USA. It will include an ‘Ellis Island-like’ entrance, a media center, its own power generation, a farm, an educational amusement park, a shopping pavilion, housing, research and development, and an interdenominational religious center styled after the Alamo. [1] Beck says his vision of a right-wing paradise was inspired by Walt Disney, another Mason. 

The concepts he's introduced aren't any different than what the globalists already intend to do. In his city, modeled closely after Smart Growth, he plans to have:
  • No cars are permitted in certain sections of the city.
  • The marketplace will be a place where people gather and share ideas.
  • Apprenticeships and hand-on training are viewed more favorably than college, to teach craft and business.[3]
  • Produce locally grown food to become independent, with any additional sold elsewhere.[4]
  • Produce energy through self-sufficient methods.[5]
  • Back to simpler times without electronic games or TV.
See what you think.

(Video link)

He's merely conditioning the minds of his followers to swallow the bitter pill.

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