Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sustainable Living: Rural America

Nothing like a 10 mile ride to town.

Transition Towns has created a plan to transform our communities to live sustainably for years to come. Their plan to build community around the organic production of food. Their concepts won't happen overnight, rather they'll move toward these goals slowly, with time frames in place.

The following video presents the work of a small group of people, but it is still fairly mindful of what will be done. 2050 is apparently the target year the U.N. hopes to have their Agenda 21 plan in place. A comment is made in the video about the rural areas transforming and will serve the cities with food. This is also true, according to this article. Innocuous speech is used in the executive order, but the author already knows the direction Agenda 21 is taking the world.

See what you think.

(YouTube link)