Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development: Indoctrinating the Masses

The ICSD is a Jerusalem-based organization of inter-religious leaders who promote environmental consciousness and responsibility together. Through their Seminary Students Sustainability Program, Muslim, Christian and Jewish students learn side-by-side about sustainability and co-existence.

Tony Blair once said that faith is inextricably linked to interdependence. The religion of the New World Order is furthering their cause through the global apostate church and false religions by the use of the global warming boogy man.

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The Trickle Down Effect
The outcome of meetings like this have a trickle-down effect. The following video is an example of one of the programs being generated by the corporate church. A type of communitarian "transition meeting" is taking place in churches. Energy conservation is one of the goals of these meetings, which is a good thing, but misleading congregations about global warming is another issue. As you will see, churches are getting on the sustainability bandwagon.

It is interesting to note that the organization that was featured, is part of the Interreligious Eco-Justice Network. They are also promoting community gardens. Their website states that they are doing this because of the:
"...environmental impact of huge mechanized farms and the high carbon emissions embedded in transporting the food we eat; we can do better!

We have gathered our network and allies for two annual conferences called simply Food and Faith to share and support faith-community based food and garden initiatives. We now know of several Sunday schools which have a gardening curriculum.  We have dozens of congregations supporting local agriculture through CSA’s and dozens more which are growing and donating food to food pantries around the state."
The page for sustainable eating goes into detail concerning why it is better to eat local, than to depend upon a system that creates too much strain on the environment, and encourages vegetarianism.

Communitarian ideology is continuing to be peddled in the Church, and congregations are excited about it. I'm presently taking a Master Gardeners course offered through the county extension office, and some of the participants are involved with community gardens. One woman told me that during the summer, members get to take vegetables home every Sunday. This is great, but none of them suspect what is being planned for their future. They are like gentle lambs being led to slaughter.