Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Delphi Technique, Transition Towns, and the Communitarian Manipulators

Delphi is a mind control technique developed to manipulate groups of people to accept that plans presented to them were ‘their idea,’ when in reality the meetings were managed to direct people to a predetermined outcome unaffected by their input.[1]

This method of manipulation is used to control private and public meetings. When used by communitarian 'change agents' at meetings such as: Transition Towns, ICLEI, and Asset Based Community Development, trained speakers use this technique to reach an artificial consensus.The Delphi Technique blocks participation by community members who raise valid points that are avoided by city-sponsored neighborhood groups. Under the guise of creating 'sustainable communities' neighborhood associations, programs will be run by hand-picked city insiders who will rubber-stamp city programs, like redeveloping neighborhoods and redesigning streets. This visioning is supposedly community-based and grassroots, but it isn't. They shut down any dissenting voices and marginalize, attack, silence, and ignore those who do not agree.[2]

In the video, Rosa Koire discusses what she knows firsthand about how Agenda 21 uses the Delphi Technique, and how to defend yourself in a city meeting when it's being used.

(YouTube link) (Delphi Technique begins at 07:10)