Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Food Justice: The Communitarians Neo-Feudal Plan

The clenched fist is a sign of rebellion, and it has its roots in Marxist Communism.

Food, and the distribution of food, have become a social issue in the collectivist/socialist ideology. Their thinking is that there must be equality for all in every area of life. They say that the capitalist society is discriminating against the average, ordinary American by not delivering him quality food. Is this a valid issue, or are they merely the victim of poor city planning? Could it be that there is actually a political agenda forging its way to transform the American food system from seed to table?

As you listen to the video, you'll begin to see the argument for social justice, environmental justice, and food justice. As you will learn, these calls for justice are an element of the radical transformation taking place in America.
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He who controls food, controls the world
"Food Justice is the right of communities everywhere to produce, distribute, access, and eat good food regardless of race, class, gender, ethnicity, citizenship, ability, religion, or community. Good food is healthful, local, sustainable, culturally appropriate, humane, and produced for the sustenance of people and the planet." Food Justice Project

Unsuspecting people believe they are beating the system, 
only to fall into another hands of radicals.

Healthy food for every human has been made a human right. The goal of food justice activists is to create a sustainable and equitable food system. Their strategy is to actively construct this alternative through tactics that include community gardens, community supported agriculture (CSAs), and organic farming. Sounds innocent enough.

When you learn that food justice is part of the UN's Communitarian agenda, and it is interwoven with Transition Towns, ICLEI, and Agenda 21, you'll think twice about its innocence. You will see how the Elites are working together with Agenda 21 and have created some common goals, such as: to design equitable and sustainable cities and achieve healthier food through locally grown sources. There is nothing grassroots about that!

The dissenting voice of this food justice movement, which is also a part of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, says that our food industry is no longer a free market and an example of corporate-government Fascism in America. This statement is true, considering what we've learned about the Monsanto Corp., but is the Communitarian alternative any better?

False Paradigms: The Hegelian Dialectic
The reality is that our current world system is a mix of false paradigms. Not only is the two party political system a fraud being manipulated by Elitists, but so are the claims of the global warming proponents. With the veil drawn back, you can see that the political left is Communist and the political right is Fascist. While liberals and conservatives argue out their differences, corporate-government Fascist laws are being put in place to control every aspect of local, regional, national and international rules and regulations for food production and sale, including food quality, safety, and industry. There is nothing free about the new food system.

The part the Communitarians don't tell their followers is that by the year 2020, 20% of our foods will be locally grown, then 50% by the year 2050.[1] Rural areas will be converted to farm lands to serve the cities. Sounds like a plan for starvation.

Keith Gardner states his perception of the current false political paradigms, and let it help you draw some conclusions about the future of food:
"If you take a long-view of history and recognize the false paradigms, you start to see a pattern of feudalism. The New World Order is a new form of neo-feudalism. The goal is, of course, a world communist government. However, a world communist government is a world fascist government. A world fascist government is a world feudalistic government. The differences are in the details."

There's justice for you!