Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tony Blair's Faith Initiative: Another University Bites the Dust

"This is a moment to seize. The kaleidoscope has been shaken, the pieces are in flux, soon they will settle again. Before they do let us reorder this world around us and use modern science to provide prosperity for all!"
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Speech to British Labour Party Congress
October 2, 2001

The attack on the World Trade Center was an opportunity of a lifetime for every Luciferian/Satanic world leader. Since that time, Tony Blair positioned himself to create a one-world religion. His first methodical step as a Fabian Socialist was to create dialogue between the religions of the world. In September 2008, is an attempt to build a "global conversation" between an "elite group" of universities, Tony Blair launched the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. The goal is to use college and universities to teach tolerance.

He wants current and future leaders to understand the role and impact of religion in a globalized world. He believes that universities and the research they produce are central to helping them achieve this.[1]

“Education is the single most important thing we can do to create a tolerant and peaceful world.” Tony Blair

On 14th June 2012, more universities were added to the list of those wanting to create a global impact. The University of Hong Kong (HKU) became the second Chinese University, alongside Peking University to partner with Faith and Globalization Initiative (FGI). This is an important fete, since Hong Kong is the top migration destination for Sikhs, Jains, Taoists, and Chinese folk religions. HKU will make vital contributions to FGI.

Tony Blair in Hong Kong at it again.

In the same week, Tony Blair inaugurated the partnership between FGI and two of Kosovo’s prominent universities: the University of Pristina and the American University in Kosovo.
It is important to note that one of the Christian colleges developing and teaching their own version of faith and globalization course is Wheaton College. Wheaton's website states,
"Designation as an Associate University recognizes the College's commitment to teach students about the constructive role of faith in global engagement. An upcoming interdisciplinary course on Faith and Globalization, taught by Reynolds, Toly, and Associate Professor of Theology Dr. Vincent Bacote, will approach these issues from the perspective of Christian faith."
This is not the first time that Wheaton College has endorsed and supported what will become the one-world religious system. They have supported the pagan Roman Catholic church, which is the one of the pillars of the New Age one-world religious body.

 Tony Blair's conversion to Catholicism.

We can thank higher education for getting us into the mess we're in. All apostasy within the Body of Christ begins with educated professors.[2]

 "The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going." Prov. 14:15