Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Common Core and the Communitarian World Government

 The symbol of the spiral is an ancient symbol of the goddess, the womb, fertility, feminine serpent forces, continual change, and the evolution of the universe. The spiral is used in sacred geometry, and probably the oldest symbol of human spirituality and used heavily within the occult.[1]
So far we have heard about Communitarian agendas called Common Purpose, Common Good, and common ground, but now there is another one we have to contend with - Common Core. In a nutshell, Common Core is the nationalization of education, and its got the Gates Foundation fingerprints all over it. President Obama has been the most recent advocate of this globalist method of educating the children of our country/world - equally.

Supporters of the core are saying that the old system of each state having its own set of standards, has  proved to be untenable because student achievement was uneven across the country. Crafters of the system believe it is the first step to a high-quality education [2], yet this Common Core video leaves plenty of information out. Let's listen to what they do want you to know. I'll then go into what has been left out.

(YouTube link)

What they aren't telling you is that personal details about each student are being collected. It's not just about nationalized testing, and having everyone get the same education. It's also about the individuals social security numbers, attendance records, records of interaction with school counselors, identification of learning disabilities, and even disciplinary records. The information communicates more about the student than just grades - the old fashioned way. These changes, made without congressional approval, now allow third party access to student data without the consent of parents. They are neatly incorporated into the students education record.[3]

The other part is that they want the student to learn that their community is a member of a global community. The theme of interdependence and oneness are New Age concepts, and they will be communicated through the curriculum.

Who is supporting this?
According to the Washington Post, both Republicans and Democrats supported the initial initiative, but it has now been receiving opposition from Republicans. The initiative was introduced as being voluntary, but then the true plan was revealed at a later date. After studying Common Core, it violates states rights. You would think that a curriculum that requires the implementation of the standardization of education across the country would have previously been viewed as violating states rights, but when you listen to the last video, schools were baited into it with Obama money. Apparently, experienced politicians with law background weren't able to hear the buzz word "common" to make them realize it was part of the communitarian/collectivist agenda. Yet again our globalist politicians pulled another one over the eyes of the American people.

Some specifics, please.
This is an example of what is within the curriculum of Common Core.

(YouTube link)

 How did this happen?
I'm not certain who this woman is, but she may be relaying information with limited knowledge of the Communitarian agenda. She states that Common Core was slipped in without our politicians knowing it, but I don't believe it for a minute. Presently, there is only a handful of states that have not applied to this date. The states who have not yet adopted Common Core can be viewed on their website.

In the video, she reveals a list of globalist names who are deeply imbedded as funders in the Common Core's program. She explains that this is about having world knowledge in the global economy.

(YouTube link)

This generation of young people are being molded to run the world government and accept collectivist ideology. I suspect that since some homeschoolers are not being indoctrinated with the collectivist ideologies, homeschooling will either become illegal or they will be required to use the curriculum over the internet.

Can we fight against it? No, because world government is something we know is in our future, based upon the scriptures. However, knowledge of this will allow us to position ourselves to deal with what is coming down the pike.

If you don't believe Common Core has evil intentions, then you need to do more research on the subject of Communitarianism. The powers that be believe that we must be an active member in the global community - and this is one way of doing it. The overall theme of this is about equality, but when it comes down to it - we aren't. There's always the ones in charge.

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